Inarticulate Feels

I’m struggling to know what to write at the moment. Not because I’m down or uninspired. Quite the opposite in fact. I have so much to write about, so much I want to write, I just have no idea where to start. The world’s gone mad and my personal life been a roller coaster ride for the past two weeks, and yet, I feel more like myself than ever before? I feel freer and more determined and mostly happier (baby steps). I don’t know if I should feel guilty about this considering the current state of global politics. Either way, I have no idea how to articulate the multitude of stuff that is going on inside my brain right now.

However, I do still want to share some of my current good vibes with anyone who will listen, so I have put together some of the YouTube videos that have really got to me in the feels over the past couple of months. They’ve all applied to me personally in one way or another and helped me to see things from a different perspective at times when I really needed it.

Hope all is well with y’all after this messy and crazy January. LOVE.


Lucy Elizabeth on things changing…

“Just because you’re on your hands and knees doesn’t mean you’re not moving forward”

Tessa Violet on the reality of love…

“To me, if you’re not being honest with someone, you’re not being kind to them”

“People can confuse loving someone with never leaving, but if someone is hurting you and you have explained to them how their actions hurt you and they don’t change, it’s not for their good to allow them to continue hurting you. It’s not for their good, it’s not for your good, it’s not for the good of the world.”

Thomas Sanders on body positivity…

“Nobody scrutinises our flaws more than ourselves and though that may be hard to believe, many times, we can be our own bully”

Melanie Murphy on fucking up…

“One day I just accepted that I am nothing more than who I am”

“I’ve learned to appreciate this process of, like, failing, then figuring out you’ve failed and then improving and learning, so so much”

…and being a femme bisexual

“I’m the feminine ‘B’ in LGBT and don’t we all know that’s a nice myth for the porn industry”

And this song by Rusty Clanton…

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