The Bucket List 2017

  1. Complete my second year of university (7th June)
  2. Move out (28th February)
  3. Go to a live performance/event at least once a month (e.g. a gig, comedy show, live recording, play, poetry reading etc.)
    • Guilty Feminist live podcast recording (23rd January)
    • Tessa Violet (8th February)
    • Vagina Monologues (9th February)
    • Sofie Hagen live comedy show recording (13th February)
    • Dodie and Rusty Clanton (17th March)
    • Felicity Ward at Manchester Comedy Store (30th March)
    • Guilty Feminist live podcast recording (8th April)
    • Hannah Witton – Doing It Live (13th April)
    • Driftwood (14th April)
    • Rent 20th Anniversary Tour (22nd April)
    • Guilty Feminist Big Speeches workshop (23rd April)
    • Manchester Tattoo Appeal Fundraiser (28th May)
    • Sarah Millican at Manchester Comedy Store (11th June)
    • David Sedaris book tour (4th July)
    • London Pride (8th July)
    • Matt Haig book tour (11th July)
    • Josh at Be In Birkenhead Festival (26th July)
    • Manchester Pride (26th August)
    • Independence Day Celebrations in Tepotzlán (15th September)
    • Adore Delano (1st October)
    • Busted (16th October)
    • Hollie McNish and Matt Abbott poetry reading (20th October)
    • Dodie (22nd October)
    • Sarah Keyworth (27th October)
    • Newton Faulkner (3rd November)
    • Origami Cactus (30th November)
    • Carols by Candlelight (14th December)
    • Star Wars Midnight Screening (14th December)
  4. Do the longest zip line in Europe
  5. Go on at least one big trip (Mexico, 29th August – 20th September)
  6. Visit Chichen Itza
  7. Start learning a new language FOR FUN (26th September)
  8. Do not let fear stop you from saying yes to a new experience (14th June)
  9. Do not let fear stop you from saying no to something you don’t want to do (12th June)
  10. Start writing my first book (like actually, properly get your shit together and write some chapters rather than having ideas all over the show)
  11. Do at least one thing you never thought you’d be able to do (I think balancing multiple jobs, three languages and final year of uni counts)
  12. Edit and share at least two past travel vlogs
  13. Try a new food/dish every month. Make sure it’s something you never thought you’d eat or maybe even like. This one has actually become “whenever someone offers you a new food to try that isn’t meat or dairy, say yes.”
  14. Go to a restaurant and ask the waiter to bring you whatever their favourite dish is
  15. Do something that scares you (15th March)
  16. Kiss a girl at Pride (8th July)
  17. Pick a new cause and start donating to it (10th June).
  18. Pick a new cause and start donating to it (10th June). On 30th June I also started giving to Bloody Good Period, which is an incredible charity that I encourage you to check out.
  19. Go on a solo travel trip and spend your time doing all the things you love
  20. Read at least five feminist books
    • Headscarves and Hymens: Why the Middle East Needs a Sexual Revolution
    • Doing it!: Let’s Talk About Sex
    • Angela Davies’ Autobiography
    • I Am That Girl: How to Speak Your Truth, Discover Your Purpose, and #bethatgirl
  21. Visit two new countries

I’ve had this absolute tune stuck in my head since I started writing this post, so I figured it’s only right to share.


For those of you who have been following my blog for a long time now (as in this one and perhaps backpacking-em) you’ll more than likely have come across my bucket list at some point. This bucket list has taken many forms over the past five years, but on the whole has remained true to the original one that I wrote when I was just fourteen.

Don’t ask why I wrote a bucket list at fourteen, because I’m not really sure. Maybe I saw the Morgan Freeman film (if it was even out then?) or more likely, as I was an incredibly ambitious child who loved lists, I discovered the concept of a bucket list and thought it was a great way to spur myself on and ensure I got the most out of life. The problem, however, is at 14 I had no idea about how my life was going to be ten years on.

I thought I did. By my 14 year old calculations, I was going to be married by 25 and have my dream job as a fully qualified… pharmacist. I would be discussing kids(?!) with my *husband* and we would be taking monthly trips abroad to go sky-diving and hike Kilimanjaro and do all the things we wouldn’t be able to do after we’d s e t t l e d d o w n. We’d also be living in a purple polka dot house in Greenland with triple glazed windows and riding reindeer to work. I promise I’m not making any of this up.

Right now, the polka dot house in Greenland is looking the most achievable, seeing as I’m half way to 25, single and still at university studying languages. The point is, at 14 you don’t have a clue where your life is going to be at 24, just as at 24 I have no idea what my life is going to look like in another 10 or 20 years time. Goals and dreams can change drastically in a matter of months, let alone years, meaning that when I set my life goals at 14, I got some of them wrong. Oh so very wrong.

However in the interest of combining my passion for lists and living life to the full, I still want to have a bucket list. One that is something that I a) can achieve and b) want to achieve. I don’t want to try and predict what I’m going to want to do too far into the future, so instead of a lifetime bucket list, I’ve written a yearlong one instead. Goals to aim for without assuming the person I’m going to be for the rest of my life? Sounds much more reasonable.

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