I wanted to write about trust tonight, but I’ve had some bad news and as a result I’m competing against some serious head fog. However, in the interests of seeing this through to the end, here I am.

This week has been an emotional one. I can’t begin to express just how grateful I am for all the kind words of encouragement I’ve received for my writing. I’m over the moon that sharing my experiences has helped so many people. Without your support, I wouldn’t have found the courage to keep at it. For everyone who messaged me with their own stories, your bravery and honesty is beautiful and means more to me than you could imagine.  It’s nice to know that I am not alone either.

Perhaps this all seems a little mushy for the completion of a personal blogging challenge. If you don’t understand much about mental illness, you probably can’t comprehend quite how much mental exertion it has taken me to write so openly for seven days straight. Or, for that matter, why I am being so gooey about the whole thing.


This definitely isn’t the first time I’ve used this gif in this blog #noshame

Aside from the fact that I’m naturally just a mushy person, it also takes time to get to grips with just how much these issues can affect a person’s life. If you don’t understand everything yet, that’s OK. It’s taken me four years to get to where I am now and there’s still so much I am yet to learn. If you are someone who previously understood nothing or very little about mental health issues, my hope for the week is simply that you’ve taken something from my ramblings and feel a little less in the dark about it all.

Since so much more good than I ever could have anticipated has come out of this, I’ll be continuing to blog about mental health topics on a regular basis from now on. Though slightly less regularly than every day, because quite frankly, I’m exhausted.

This is super exciting for me, because the writer’s block that has been holding me back for months has completely disappeared. Discovering something that I can write about, which not only inspires others, but also promotes positive change, has been amazing. And it is the input of those of you have been reading that has given that to me.

So keep an eye out, because I have lots ideas for future posts. My battle with mental health hasn’t been an easy one, but if I can help even a handful of people with what I’ve learned from it, then maybe it was all worthwhile after all.

I know I’ve already said it numerous times all over social media, but here’s one more time for good luck. Thank-you.


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